Behaviour Guidelines

At King's Youth it is our aim that everyone has a great time and feels included within the group. Within all our groups and activities we aim for an atmosphere of respect. This means that youth leaders and young people alike seek to look after each other and their belongings, and the environment that they are in.

Each young person is required to have a consent form completed by parents to attended any of our groups and activities. Separate permission will be needed for any trips.

Friday Night

On a Friday night we run a drop in club for young people aged 11-17. Due to the ‘drop in’ nature of this group the young people are allowed to come and go and are asked to do respectfully of the neighbours around. King’s Youth takes no responsibility for young people not in the drop in centre at Deepdale Community Centre.

As the youth team deem necessary a set of 'club rules' will be worked out with the young people. All young people are asked to follow these in order for us to look after everyone. If this doesn't happen then:

  • If a young person intentionally breaks agreed guidelines, they will get a warning, but if their behaviour is very bad, they could be sent home immediately and parents will be told.
  • They will get two further warnings per evening, then they will be sent home and their parents will be told.
  • If a young persons behaviour is very bad, they can be banned from King's Youth.


We take full responsibility for the young people in our care for the time they are with us at Rooted. We ask that all the young people stay with us for the whole time. If it is necessary that a young person needs to leave the group, parents will be asked if it is OK to do so and a suitable arrangements will be made.